on how technology is reshaping art_

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We all know what technology has done to us. Or we had think about it.

Technology on my own point of view got in our human kind in a way of a responsive wave of evolution, is our reflection, our feedback showing of as a virtual entity looking forward to get the most of our basic essence to reproduce and mimicking our basic practices in our social and cultural life.

Trying no to make any value judgement and not getting on the epistemological point of view of it, but as a plausible opinion the merge of art and technology has taking us to the aesthetics position of where we’re now I truly believe in “the power of art for art’s sake and the belief that all the different representations of art can change perspectives, moods, and lives.”

I may not write this time about what is art or what is an artist, any specific definitions on this particular arguments but having the premise of the humans as a creative and expressive beings I question my self; how technology affect art? In the past posts I’ve been writing about loss, digital information and data in our daily lives and how this can be related to our metacognition. After that I can’t stop thinking about Walter Benjamin and the work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction.

I keep thinking about loss, but this time on a different level; the loss of the aura in each art piece through the mechanical reproduction of art, according with Benjamin the mystical cult of the original in broken with the loss of the aura, and now every one can go to a gallery, a museum, the theatre or the cinema. A whole new appreciation of art is introduced while at the same time; a whole new mode of deception and distraction also enters.

The loss of the aura has the potential to open up the politicization of art, whether or not that opening is detrimental or beneficial is yet to be determined. However, it allows for us to raise political questions in regards to the reproducible image (or art piece), which can be used in one way or another. The obligated next question (I’m considering to change the name of this blog as a “progressive questions” apparently. *joke.) will be; What does the aestheticization of the work of art mean now when the aura is lost? To try to understand this question I’m posting a few videos of a show titled “Digital Revolution” an exhibit with a wide variety of digital artist who are using technology to push art in different directions.

petting zoo

Rising Colorspace

Eric Standley-Virginia Tech

Light Echoes

Treachery of the Sanctuary