Transmogrifying our tomorrow_

[digital installation | projection mapping on illustration canvas]

Transmogrifying our tomorrow

What does it mean, life without death?

Transfiguration of tomorrow gives a gaze to the connection between these topics dedicated to and inspired by many deaths of LGBTQ+ friends, specifically through suicide.

Transformation of tomorrow is a piece that explores the need to go back to the dark places, be with, then lay them to rest. Honouring the death, giving time for life and lightness, laughter but a stronger, deeper laughter, full of the depth of grief and darkness. Finding the strength to go on, through feelings of disconnection in an often-alienating society. A reminder that our friends experiencing similar feelings of disconnection, reached the point where they could not go on in this world. This installation talks about what you take away from someone’s death, where you go from there, transforming our feelings of despair into strength. Developing a transfiguration; physical, mental, or emotional.

Created in collaboration of Alexander Cluney [Illustrator] this piece generates formal and symbolic links between ritualized and ghostly social practices and the codes of normative societies and hypersexualized imposed characters. In this piece, moments and influences of media on our day by day life; the aesthetics, technology and the unconscious liberalism from the 80’s and 90’s are mixed to develop a picture of self-imposed identities and how the media can question our ways of life and biases others that surrounded us.



Projection mapping on a 4.5 x 6ft fabric canvas, acrylic and mixed media.