R E F U G E _

[digital installation]


Media images and news coverage about refugees and asylum politics desensitise our perception of the words themselves and the individuals behind them. In criminalising the journey of millions of people towards Europe, a dehumanisation of essential human needs takes place.

The R E F U G E project is an attempt to trace the emotional core of what it means to look for a safe space, a place to hide, a space to feel at home. People in Brighton, United Kingdom sketched what comes to mind when they think of the word “refuge”. There is a certain transitoriness of the things we take for granted when we live in a safe, peaceful country. What we find within ourselves by evaluating our existential fears makes for compassionate humane decision-making, post-Brexit.

The installation is curated by 3 main pieces:

A video documentation of the sketches behind the commune idea of the word REFUGE. An exhibition of the physical illustrations, and a main piece which involves a personal point of view of what does a refuge means, a safe space: A blanket fort. The commune sketches collected all around Brighton are digitalized and animated on a series of visuals that are being projection mapped on the tent materials.


Video projection mapping, Printed Illustrations.