Cuahixli [tree of eyes] _

Cuahixli [tree of eyes]

Work In Progress


But it was Chuin’s sharp dagger that stuck in the heart of the enchanting-eyed warrior. Chuin having bleeding and fallen at his feet, his merciless rival, ripped out the eyes that had bewitched his wife Andonei by sticking them in the trunk of the closest tree…

…time passed by, and that tree that had never bloomed one day gave flowers and fruit. It was a fruit that looked like human eyes.

The Cuahixlii – Pre-Hispanic Mexican legend.


On a hyper-video surveillanced world, is a dismal future of moment-by-moment monitoring closing in, or are there still spaces of freedom and hope? How do we realize our responsibility for the human beings before us, often lost in discussions of data and categorization?

Inspired by a pre-Hispanic Mexican legend; Cuahixli (tree of eyes) assemble a piece that discusses the Orwellian paradigm seeing trough a liquid surveillance of a Baumanian lenses, dealing with questions of power, technology and morality, opening a conversation with the audience on what it means to be watched and watching today. An interactive installation of a collaborative work with a sculpture artist where a cyber-tree is doted by digital eyes that track and follows the observer with any movement in the range area.


Creative coding, hand screens, face detection software on a tree sculpture.