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News, words, work in progress and a little bit of everything, case studies, research, words, doodles and some other mental escape valves.

An open a conversation within the reconfiguration of the image and the qualities of it through the media apparatus, actualising whatever form of relationalism (material relations) have created the image on us as an object, and how it has transcended its medium and perhaps how we can judge it “as a thing, not as representation”

From media ecology to data and information: lucid reality vestiges. Imagine a world where the whole human race were to suddenly disappear, without leaving a trace of our existence; no glasses, no toilets, no flower pots or chairs, no transport tubes, no fiscal tools, nor any kind of anthropological relics or vestiges of our presence on earth.

On how technology is reshaping art. The loss of the aura has the potential to open up the politicization of art, whether or not that opening is detrimental or beneficial is yet to be determined. However,

Roads?, Where we’re going don’t need roads. A visual compilation from a few of my favourite Sci-fi movies trying to make a visual connection between, PROGRAMMING – ART – DIGITAL – TECHNOLOGY – CINEMA