Your eyes Lies_


A series of auto discovery illustrations, using the concept of minimalistic drawings to open the conversation about the physical and metaphysical of our representations. What you see is what is real. Is it?


A series of illustrations that inspire my hole work and explores the relationship between representation and situations as depictions of ideas that can only be realized if you see them, and how the results are deconstructions to the extent that meaning is shifted and possible interpretation becomes multifaceted.

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Graphic arts, art direction, corporate design, journalism, screen writing, public speaking, digital video production, feature writing, film, radio and television studies and techniques.

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vaqero who?

I'm vaqero, a creative and problem solver.

clouds, books, dreams, media, music and image eater; artist.


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A little bit of everything,; case studies, research,

words, doodles and some other mental escape valves.