how can I challenge convention for you?

Show me the meaning!

Hard work and prays for what really counts:

 money and love.

My service is the mentally-disguised assistance to self-doubting marketing-communication managers and people who have been disappointed with the corporate society.


The grease on a rusty bicycle chain, the first ray of sunshine after a night of sleep, the thunder of a jackhammer, the most beautiful girl on the class trip, a friendly communications service provider.

Branding Design

Web design

Video Production

Great taste + research + development = brand positioning, and strategy.  Logo, design, identity brand and style guides.

Affordable, easy UX web sites tailored for your needs and style. Including a custom domain and basic hosting. Yearly contracts with 24-7support.

From show-reels to live-streams. Video production, art direction and audiovisual consultation/collaborations for any screen, cinema or TV projects.


Event Management


Social media management: proactive and reactive, aiming to convert customers from awareness to advocacy, collaborating to produce authentic content.

A direct liaison on your behalf, and work out the logistics with you, and dramatically reduce your workload.

Advertising, catalog, product, fashion architecture, lifestyle, you name it. Memorable and effective images for commercial, editorial and advertising use.


Trade and consumer strategy, planning, creative, execution and placement for traditional, digital and social media advertising.


Corporate communication

Internal communications strategy and consulting for your projects: employee engagement, management, implementation of new culture changing technology solution or organizational transformation campaigns, everything under the Lean Manufacturing umbrella.


Analytics and metrics

With a range of analytical tools that can be used to measure project performance, clicks, visitors and inform strategic creative or achieve goals.


Meshing fresh ideas and technology, enabling true humans to improve their projects and create something beautiful.

A passionate creative with multidisciplinary backgrounds and experience drive by the collaboration flag, who prepares unique creations; visual and palpable ideas that builds concepts able to conquer the most demanding worldly goods.

An accessible extra hand, passionate about technology, art and design, my aim is to help your project, company or business no matter the odds.  Based in UK with links all over the world.


For the hearts of our customers. For the hearts of our customers' customers. And for the most important thing: dog smiles.


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Graphic arts, art direction, corporate design, journalism, screen writing, public speaking, digital video production, feature writing, film, radio and television studies and techniques.

latest strategic and creative communications projects.

vaqero who?

I'm vaqero, a creative and problem solver.

clouds, books, dreams, media, music and image eater; artist.


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A little bit of everything,; case studies, research,

words, doodles and some other mental escape valves.