Parallel Li[f]es _

[immersive computer experience]

This video scape is an analogy of what is beyond the resolution of a video interface, as a video game is a failure, is a representation of digital effects and its physical art effects with its interpretation between readers and writers, it breaks a path to explore in the visual media art and the quantification through these.


The work explores the world of virtual reality, and the potential that offers to escape the ordinary, and explore impossible and fantastical realms.

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Graphic arts, art direction, corporate design, journalism, screen writing, public speaking, digital video production, feature writing, film, radio and television studies and techniques.

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vaqero who?

I'm vaqero, a creative and problem solver.

clouds, books, dreams, media, music and image eater; artist.


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A little bit of everything,; case studies, research,

words, doodles and some other mental escape valves.